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In Good Company…

Been a while since my last post…so much going on…on top of my day job, taking care of my family, and working on new songs with my friend & cowriter (BigDawg)!! It would take me forever to write every glorious detail about all the excitement and Lord knows I don’t have the time (and I’m sure you don’t want to read a book!), so I’ll try to be brief in my recap!

In August, I had the great privilege to fly out to Phoenix, AZ at the invitation of Smart Girl Politics member (and AZ Regional Director), Diane Burnett, to take part in the Smart Girl Politics Pre-Hannity Freedom Concert Tailgate Party (say that five times fast!)….Fellow “Smart Guy”, James Kole (singer/songwriter) and his wife also attended! We didn’t get to perform (permit issues) but had a great meet & greet…after which we enjoyed the Freedom Concert in box seats! It was well worth the trip and Diane and her husband spoiled me rotten!

Hanging out with some Smart Girls and their Smart husbands!

In September, I was honored to be invited to perform with my 6-year old son at the Free Republic National Convention on 9/12 (as well as their 9/11 Tribute to Heroes Candlelight Vigil in the ballroom atop the Sheraton Hotel overlooking downtown DC). I wrote the song “Hero’s Creed” specifically for that event (see my previous post). My son was a HUGE hit with the crowd as he recited the preamble to the Constitution! Earlier in the day, I was thrilled to be able to hang out with Tami Bell (the fabulous lady who organized the convention!) and Andrew Wilcow of Sirius Satellite Radio. We were blown away by the vast number of patriots..all the great signs…and we were determined to get through the massive crowds to get Andrew up to the Capitol Building where the speakers were doing their thing…After convincing mulitple security folks/DC policemen/women that we HAD to get through…and finally convinced someone to let Andrew backstage, Tami and I had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the convention dinner. We found out later that evening that Andrew never got to speak….that the organizers of the event, Freedom Works, was charging the speakers for a “prime spot” on their stage!! I checked this out and sure enough…not only did they up the fee for other organizations to be listed as co-sponsors on their official site for the March from ZERO to $2,500….they were charging speakers $10,000 to speak!!! I know it costs money to put on an event this size but that just seems a bit STEEP! Read more about that here: FREEDOM WORKS…NOT FREE. Its organizations like these that give plenty of ammo to the likes of “Stretch Pelosi” (as Mark Levin endearingly refers to her!)…to label these tea parties/rallies/marches as “ASTROTURF”!!

Andrew Wilcow and I at the 9/12 March in DC

Jim Robinson (President/CEO of Free Republic) and I at the FReeper Convention

The Convention dinner was fabulous with guest speakers, Congressional candidate, Lt Col (ret) Alan West (AWESOME speaker!), South Florida Talk Show host, Joyce Kauffman, and Andrew Wilcow, The Wilcow Majority. All the speakers were fabulous, passionate, and got the crowd motivated to get involved in the fight to preserve our constitutional rights. The organizers, led by Tami Bell, are to be commended for a first-class weekend of events I shall not soon forget!

The following week I had an absolutely fabulous time at the Smart Girl Politics’ Inaugural Smart Girls Summit with guest speakers, Michelle Malkin (fabulous speaker and such a gracious lady!), Liz Cheney (tough as nails just like her dad!), and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN…another great speaker!!). The summit was broadcast live on RFC Radio! The day was capped off by an evening fund raiser at which Michelle Malkin signed copies of her #1 Best-Seller, “Culture of Corruption”! Even got to spend some time with her and chat a bit! Major kudos to Stacy Mott and the rest of the Smart Girl leadership team for an outstanding event! I got to meet so many bright, intelligent, classy, conservative women…and took away all kinds of inspiration to do even more to help spread the word…motivate folks to get involved…so much inspiration that I ended up writing a new song for Smart Girl Politics (which currently appears on their homepage!).

Michelle Malkin and I at her book-signing fund-raiser. She’s the coolest!

I am now a member of, the newly-formed site for “Mommy Patriots” (born out of a recent panel appearance of 9/12 moms on the Glenn Beck show) and will be writing/performing a song for their upcoming M.O.M. (Millions of Moms) for America Rally on 14 August 2009 in Washington DC. The site literally exploded with new members and is close to 40,000 members since it was started just 7 days ago!! Incredible! A new site has been created strictly for the organization of the rally… Watch out DC…the MOMS are getting ready to STORM DC

All in all…I have had the most incredible time at these events, made some great new friends/contacts, and am fired up to do all I possibly can to ensure my kids have an America they can be proud of…ALWAYS.